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DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Application

Applying your own garage door epoxy is not one of the easiest DIY’s but it is definitely worth the time and effort if you have it. By following these basic instructions the Two Step Garage Doors team will have you pouring epoxy like a pro in no time.
1. Give Your Garage A Thorough Inspection
Your garage will need a wipe down since epoxy should be applied to clean surfaces only. Check for damage and make sure that any cracks or holes are patched up with concrete patch products.
2. Perform A Moisture Test
Concrete is very porous and epoxy does not work well on surfaces with a high moisture content. Use one of these two methods to do your moisture test.
You can buy a calcium chloride test online and follow the instructions on the box.
If there is more than 3,000 pounds of water vapor per 1,000 square feet choose a different type of flooring that will be better suited for the environment. This testing could take a few days so make sure that you plan that into your schedule.
3. Give The Floor A Second Cleaning
You will want to remove all debris and if there is a grease apply a degreaser and remove everything possible. Rinse the floor and remove tough stains with degreaser. Allow time for the floor to dry.
4. Prep Floor For Epoxy Application
Epoxy binds better to rough services so you will want to create a sanded type service on your concrete. In order to do this, you will need to rent a diamond grinder or shot blaster from your local hardware store.
Another alternative to renting a large machine would be more time-consuming but less expensive. Try grinding the surface with an angle grinder and masonry wheel.
5. Prep the Room and Mix The Garage Floor Epoxy
You will want to prep the room before pouring the epoxy. You can do that line the bottom of the floor with painters tape to keep it off the wall.
By this time you should have chosen the epoxy you wanted to use for your floor. Using epoxy is a two-part system consisting of the hardener and the paint and needs to be mixed right before the application.
Stir the paint a little and start pouring the hardener into the paint and continue mixing. Once the hardener has been emptied keep stirring another three minutes and put the lid back on.
6. Apply The Epoxy
Epoxy must be applied quickly, you will have no more than two hours to get it all applied. You are going to need a 3-inch paint brush to get into the edges and a 9-inch roller with an extension handle to apply the epoxy.
You should work in 10×10 foot sections for even coverage. Wait 12 hours and then apply the top coat for longer lasting and more durable coverage.
7. Let The Floor Dry
Let the floor dry for a minimum of 24 hours before you walk on it. Wait at least a week before you drive your car into the garage.
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