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How to Get The Garage Door Remote to Work Again

Your garage door remote lets you open and close your garage door peacefully from the safety of your
vehicle, but what happens when it stops working? There are ways to fix your garage door opener
yourself but sometimes you need professional help. If your garage door remote is still not working after
these quick-fix methods, give the team at Two Step Garage Doors a call to help.
How Can I Tell Something Is Wrong?
There will be several clear ways of knowing something is wrong with your garage door remote. The
first way is obvious, your garage door simply refuses to open. If you press the button on your garage
door remote and the door does not open, there’s a good chance something is wrong with your

Another way of knowing something is wrong with your remote is the response time. If it takes you
several tries to open your door or your door opens slowly, something might be wrong with your remote.
If it feels like there’s a problem with your garage door opener, there probably is.
How Can I Fix It?
The first thing you should do when your garage door remote stops working is to check the batteries.
More often than not, your garage door remote is simply in need of new batteries. You should also
check to make sure the battery contacts aren’t wet or dirty, as this will cause your remote to lose
power even with new batteries.

If your remote is still not working, check to make sure “eye” of your remote isn’t covered or dirty. The
“eye” is the plastic covering the IR unit on your remote if this is covered or dirty IR signals will have a
difficult time reaching the receiver. If your garage door remote is still not working after these steps you
may need to reboot your system. A reboot can be accomplished by removing the batteries from the
remote for 30 seconds and unplugging the unit from the wall socket for 30 seconds.
What If My Remote Still Doesn’t Work?
Most of the time, your garage door remote can be fixed by one of these quick-fix solutions. However, if
you have tried all of the quick-fix steps and you’re still having trouble with your remote it may be time to
have it repaired or replaced. If that’s the case, our team of technicians can help you.

Repairing or replacing your garage door remote can once again grant you easy and quick access to
your garage door. It can also save you manuel labor if you’re having to manually open and close your
garage door. Your garage door remote is a handy device that you don’t realize the importance of until
it stops working.
Call For Help
If you’ve tried the quick-fix solutions and are still having trouble getting your garage door remote to
work we can help. Call our team at Two Step Garage Doors to get your remote fixed as quickly as possible.

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