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How to Paint Faux Carriage Garage Doors

When it comes to accomplishing DIY projects around the house, most people look for real ways to create a simple touch that gives a new look and still attracts attention. The same methods can be put into practice with the outside of the house as well. One complex look that is very simple to create is the Faux Carriage Garage Door.
Find A Sample to Follow
If you know you want to create faux carriage doors, then first do some research and find that perfect model you’d like to follow. Do you want decorative hardware? What colors are you looking for? If you need a little guidance, do some searching until you find the right model that strikes you.
Start Measuring Your Sections
Spend some time in your garage to get a feel for where you’d like to paint. This is a good time to also thoroughly clean the area prior to painting. An all-purpose cleaner will do just fine. This ensures you end up with a fresh look and feel.

When you’re ready, measure the height and width of the panels and use painter’s tape to mark the sections you’ll be painting. These will be your faux windows! If you begin painting without taking the time to mark your sections, you could end with a frustrating mess. Marking the sections allows you time to think through your steps and have fewer mistakes.
Deciding on Primer
While some people may have their issues with primer, it’s a wise idea to use it when painting outdoor surfaces. Consider what type of primer you’ll use and whether you want an oil base or water base. There are pros and cons to both.

Oil based primer lasts longer and is more durable but is take longer to dry than water based. Water based primer usually has less of an odor and goes on smoothly. Take some time to test some out before you buy. When you decide, prime away and allow it to completely dry.
Choosing Your Color
While you’re waiting for your primer to dry, it’s a good idea to select a darker color for painting to ensure you get the “window” look. You can select from a tinted paint or a glossy enamel finish. It really depends on the look you want for your door.

Choosing a glossy enamel will cause the light to reflect and give the appearance of real windows in your garage door. When you’ve chosen the right color, paint the primed surface and wait for it to dry.
Enjoy Your New Door
When the paint is dry, carefully peel off the painter’s tape and reveal the new door. If you didn’t previously decide on adding hardware, there’s still time. You can even purchase magnetic hardware if you don’t want to install other types.

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