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Ways to Protect Your Home From a Breakin

Keeping your family safe is important to the team here at Two Step Garage Doors. Our company has put together a short guide that will help you safeguard your garage door from break-ins. These are the things you can do keep your home safe.
Learn How People Can Break Into Your Home
It is important to understand how someone can break into your home through the garage door. It is not as difficult as you might think.

A garage door is connected to a trolley that opens the door when the button on the remote is pushed. As a safety precaution, there is a safety release cord that disconnects the door from the trolley. This is designed to let you open the door when the power is out.

In order for someone to release that handle, all they have to do is use a coat hanger. There is enough of a gap that an intruder can get a bent coat hanger inside to pull the cord. It only takes a few minutes for someone to pull the cord and open your door without an issue.
What An Intruder Looks For
There are things that someone will look for to decide if your home is an easy target. These things include:

● Windows- windows allow someone to see into your garage. If you do have windows, you should consider covering them with a curtain or a dark film.
● Gaps- if you can see light at the top of your door, then there is enough of a gap for someone to break in.
● No lights- if you do not have lighting on the outside of your garage, then it will make it easy for someone to break-in without being noticed.

Make your home less of a target by covering windows, closing gaps, and installing motion sensored lights. You can deter people from trying to break in when you do these simple things.
How To Make Your Garage Door Safer
There are other ways you can make your home safe from break-ins. The best thing to do is to tie off the emergency release cord. All you need is a zip tie. You will wrap the zip tie around the cord and through the hole in the trolley. This way, an intruder will not be able to pull it lose. However, you will still be able to break the tie when you need to open your door.

You can also nail a board to the top of your doorway to close the gap. You will want to make sure that it is not in the way of the function of the door. If you have a torsion spring that is right above the door, you may not have space. In that case, you can install weatherstripping to close the gap.
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If you need us to help you make your garage door safer, call us today. The team here at Two Step Garage Doors can provide you with solutions and help you. Call us now so we can get one of our technicians out to your home as soon as possible.
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