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What to do When Your Garage Door Is Crooked

What to do When Your Garage Door Is Crooked
Your garage door gets a lot of use every day. There are times when your door doesn’t work as smoothly as usual. If you notice any gaps between the wall and the door, you might have a crooked door. When this happens, the team at Two Step Garage Doors has a few ways to help you fix it.
What Makes A Garage Door Crooked?
There are several reasons why your garage door is crooked. Over time, parts wear out on your door from overuse. There are safety cables that attach to the track and support the springs. These keep the garage door from collapsing if the springs break.
One reason for a crooked door is a broken cable. The cables wrap around the drum and release when the door closes. If the cable falls off the drum or the spring breaks, the door will not work properly.
Fixing The Door
First, you need to inspect the cables. You’ll need a cable puller and a come along tool. Then, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:
● Find the side of the door with tension.
● Attach the cable puller to the cable. A good rule is to attach it at your chest height for an easy reach.
● Then, carefully loop the come along tool to the puller and make sure the come along is attached to the track.
● Wind the come along until the cable has some slack.
● Find the cable that fell off and wind it back into the drum. If it won’t stay on, clamp it down with some vice grips. This will create some weight so it won’t fall off.
● Lastly, release the come along tension. When you do this, both sides of the cables will tighten.
● The door should have proper balance now.
Check and see if the door is still crooked by running the door through an open and close cycle. You can do this more than once. If the door is still crooked, call your local garage door experts right away. They’ll send someone to you.
Troubleshooting Broken Springs
Another reason for a crooked garage door is broken springs. The springs on your door are responsible for creating tension to properly balance the door. If the springs don’t have enough tension, the door will collapse. Carefully watch the springs as you open and close your door and check for gaps.
If you think your door has broken springs, call your garage company right away. A garage door can weigh over 150 pounds and needs an experienced technician. Don’t try to replace the springs on your own. This will lead to injuries in yourself or others.
Call Your Local Experts For Help
If you need help troubleshooting your garage door, the team at Two Step Garage Doors is happy to help you. Our professionals are ready to take your call and answer your questions. We’ll give you the advice you need and a solution to the problem. Let us know how we can help you. You can call us anytime.

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