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Which Garage Door Repairs Are Dangerous to Do on Your Own_

When repair emergencies happen in your home, it can be easy to put together the tools you need for the job, especially if you have some experience. While there is nothing wrong with watching “how-to” videos and following instruction guides, there are some repairs you should not attempt to do on your own. One repair that is highly dangerous to attempt is a garage door repair. Installing or repairing a garage door on your own is both hazardous and complex.
The team here at Neighborhood Garage Door Repair suggests you avoid these 3 repairs.
Garage Door Repairs That Are Dangerous to Do Yourself
Although there are many dangers to repairing garage doors, we’ll take a deeper look at 3 common garage door issues. Here are some reasons why we recommend contacting experts when you need a part repaired.
1. Replacing the Panels Can Cause More Damage To the Door
Damage to your garage door panels will occur during the course of ownership. Whether the damage is minor or severe, the smallest dents can cause your door to appear damaged. For a minor issue, replacing one panel may seem like a great idea.
However, if you choose to replace the panels on your own, you may face some challenges. When trying to replace a panel on their own, homeowners often face problems such as:
● Getting the wrong color. If your garage door is an older model, you may have a hard time finding the matching model to perform the installation.
● The door may unexpectedly open if is not disengaged.
● Other panels may also become damaged while trying to replace the broken one.
● The weight of the garage door can cause stress on the person performing the installation since the manual operation is required.
● Since spring removal is necessary to replace the panel, the springs may accidentally release causing injury to others.
Calling a professional garage door technician ensures your safety. It is highly recommended that you call an expert if you do not have extensive training in this type of repair.
2. Repairing a Detached Door Can Cause Injury to You and Others
How do you know when a garage door has become detached? The first sign is that the rollers have fallen off of the track. The door will also not be able to operate automatically. This can quickly become a dangerous situation.

A garage door is extremely heavy and you could suffer serious injury if you attempt to place it back onto the track yourself. Also, misaligned rollers could unexpectedly come off again. Subsequently, there is always an underlying cause as to why the door detached to begin with.

Calling a professional is the wisest and safest option to prevent injury and correct your detached door. An expert can assess the problem and help avoid future door detachments.
3. Replacing Rollers & Safety Cables Requires Expert Training
Garage door rollers allow the door to smoothly open and close as they glide along the track. If the rollers are rusted or damaged in any way, the door will not function properly and may even detach from the track. The replacement of these rollers requires expert precision.
When the cables coil around the drums the door opens and closes. Over time, the cables wear out and eventually need to be replaced. If they are not handled with experience and care, a serious injury will occur.
These parts play an important role in the operation of your garage door. While replacing them is necessary, it is also recommended to call the experts. This will ensure the installation is safely done.
Call For the Experts
Even if you think a garage door repair is minor, it can be dangerous to attempt it yourself. Garage door repairs require knowledge and skill to handle the complexity of the system. Don’t risk your safety to get it done quickly. Call the team at Neighborhood Garage Door Repair for assistance.

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